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GAO Ventures is a unique firm with an interest in growing companies, irrespective of the transaction structure and stage of development. Traditionally focused on Asia, it is now also starting to play an increasingly active role abroad.

We can help you expand your business.

Investment Strategy();

Target Companies {

GAO’s targets are companies with strong growth potential that occupy a position of leadership in their sector. No sector or transaction is ruled out, a priori. Our historical portfolio includes both listed and private companies, in all different stages of development (start-up, expansion capital, etc.) and very different types of projects (MBOs, LBOs or turnarounds, among others).

Geographical Scope {

From a geographical point of view, GAO has traditionally shown a preference for investments, partnerships and strategic alliances in companies looking to expand in Asia. However, GAO is playing an increasingly active role as an investor in foreign companies.

Sectors {

GAO is a general investor and can consider investments in any industry. However, we have a preference for companies or sectors that has a quick path to revenue such as Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) or other companies that can make use of our distribution network.

Size {

A benefit of partnering with GAO is that we are experienced in the capital markets and are able to exploit the best combination of debt and equity to help grow your business. We have entities regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) that enables us to capital raise when your business grows too fast. As we are fully self-owned by the founding partners, we have the flexibility to work with any size as long we think you have the potential to be the next superstar!

Duration {

The basic principle underlying GAO’s philosophy is the optimisation of value for companies. We prefer companies that has a clear exit path of under 5 years.

Management {

GAO’s involvement in the management of the companies in which it invests is materialised through active participation on the Boards of Directors and Executive Committees, where it contributes its deep knowledge of the business world, its multisectorial vision and its more than 20 years experience in management and optimisation of company value. Notwithstanding this, GAO always invests hand in hand with top management teams who are committed to the project and it is to these, as true experts in the business, that GAO entrusts the day-to-day management.


A Brief Peek into our Portfolio();



Premium natural cosmetic for urban skin


For more information please email kate at gao dot ventures. Website is coming soon!

TAGS Korean, Masks, Natural, Organic, Beauty

Hardy & Co.

Skincare line from stem cells


Please visit our website at http://hardynco.com

TAGS Medical, Cosmeceuticals, Beauty, Stem Cells


Leon Indonesia

Affordable Fashionable Eyewear

Leon Eyewear

Visit our instagram at https://web.stagram.com/leon.eyewear

TAGS Eyewear, Fashion, Prescription Glasses, Safety

Ecologic Brands

Affordable Fashionable Eyewear

Ecologic Brands

Learn more about our sustainable packaging solutions, visit our site at https://ecologicbrands.com. We are glad to announce our recent partnership with Nestle for the Purina line!

TAGS Green, Sustainable, Packaging


Picxel It

Bespoke Lego Potraits

Picxel It

Grand Opening in Singapore on 2nd Dec 2017!

TAGS Children, Lego, Bespoke, Toys



Authentic Thai Cuisine

Nara Thai Singapore

Visit us at ION Orchard!

TAGS F&B, Franchise, Singapore, Asia, Thailand

Jack's Wife Freda

Contemporary American-Mediterranean Bistro from NYC

Jack's Wife Freda

Coming soon to Asia!

TAGS F&B, Exclusive, Bistro, South African, New York City

Various Japanese Concepts

We love Japanese Food!

Japanese Food

With multiple stores located around South East Asia. Visit our flagship store at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore! For more enquiries on being a franchisee, please email info at gao dot ventures

TAGS F&B, Franchise, Sushi, Ramen, Japan

We do not disclose all portfolio positions and the companies listed herewith are for informational purposes only. This does not constitute an offer to invest in the above companies in any kind. However, we will be pleased if you decide to patronage the above businesses as a customer. =)

GAO's Approach();

1. For company owners seeking a partner to collaborate in the expansion of the business:
GAO has been providing support to owners of companies in growth and business expansion processes, making it one of the most experienced players in this market. During this time, it has participated in over 28 business operations, invariably in collaboration with owners and management teams and in a large variety of sectors and has adapted very flexibly to the many vicissitudes encountered in the transactions carried out.

All of these years of management experience have given GAO a general, multisectorial vision, which complements the specialist industrial focus of our partners; this enormously enriches the growth of the target company.

GAO’s background, linked with the past of its founding partners, gives us a distinguishing characteristic that enables us to be perceived as a financial partner, but with an unquestionably industrial angle especially in the healthcare and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) in developing markets.
2. For other investment firms seeking a partner with which to undertake an investment:
Since its foundation, GAO has participated on many occasions in the acquisition of a stake in businesses together with other leading financial partners, bringing to the table, among other things, its knowledge of the Asian financial community, where it has a solid reputation, and its strategic and multisectorial vision of the Asian business fabric.

GAO’s background, rooted more in industry and the business world than in purely financial spheres, gives us a general and not exclusively financial vision of business issues, with the search for a consensus always prevailing over conflict.

For foreign investors with an interest in Asia but lacking local presence, GAO can be an excellent local partner; as it knows the opportunities and pitfalls of the Asian market and the different market players. During the first project development years and until the formation of the company's own executive team, GAO can be that collaborating partner that defines and supports the strategy to be followed. Solid evidence of this are some our past investments.

The multidisciplinary structure of the GAO team, with experts in the financial, legal, tax, mercantile and administrative areas, facilitates and speeds up the implementation of transactions and represents an additional advantage in complex processes, where agility and flexibility of response are key.

Working with GAO as a partner provides access to its knowledge of the various local Asian markets and the players in it and can represent a boost to the value creation process of co-investments.
3. For investment market advisors and intermediaries:
The more than 28 business operations carried out by GAO since the 2000s are a guarantee for advisors and intermediaries of its operation implementation capacity.

During all this time we have worked with a large variety of advisors, which has enabled us to learn of their concerns and priorities when undertaking an investment/ divestment process. We are able to address all these concerns and provide an orderly and satisfactory process for all the parties involved.

We consider ourselves to be one of the most agile and flexible players in the investor arena in terms of decision-making.

The stability and permanence of GAO’s management team is an additional factor that has helped to intensify relations with the other market players and to create a bond of trust, thus avoiding continuous changes of intermediaries and the transmission, over time, of varying or contradictory messages. In the Asian arena where multiple businesses are family-owned, GAO's deep knowledge on the workings of family corporates put us in good stead to ensure successful outcomes.